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I love black feathers on black outstretched wings, a mantle of regal
privilege all flying creatures carry to honor their covenant with the sky.
I love dewdrops on rose petals on rainy autumn mornings,
when the fragrance of summer is but an echo lost in the tapping rain.
I love the jade hue of rocks through the still sea in winter
of some shallow island port, a calm reminiscing a picture of serenity.
I love the playful breeze on a hot day in the mountains,
like a surprise caress from the soft hair of your beloved.
I love the warm night wind of deep august creeping over the stone steps
that lead to the old town square. Their friendship and harmony soothe all thoughts that stir.
I love the smell of fallen leaves and hidden mushrooms that adorn the floors of a great cathedral we call forest. It is a place of immense opportunity.
I love watching the stars from the open peaceful sea, a gift so immense to beings so small.
I love the dust dancing in the soft sunlight breaking through colored cathedral windows
as my footsteps echo through the colonnades. It is the garden of mankind.

I love so much of this world, yet no love can I find for myself.
I never thought fading

Will be how I go

All these dreams I buried

Fell victims to a plague -

The indifference I've never felt

Claimed all Hope's unsung sons.

I've never imagined this star

Had so short a lifespan,

That dark spot in the sky

Finally blends with the darkness.

It's almost funny, after all the distance,

My final poem

Would be silence.
Abolish every childish time of life, acquire for yourself strength of mind and soul, and intensify the struggle against every folly of the passions of love and base wickedness, and love of praise, and fondness of contention, and tiresome jealousy and wrath, and anger and the desire of avarice. Guard your (pl.) camp and weapons and spears. Arm yourself and all the soldiers, which are the words, and the commanders, which are the counsels, and your mind as a guiding principle.

My son, throw every robber out of your gates. Guard all your gates with torches, which are the words, and you will acquire through all these things a quiet life. But he who will not guard these things will become like a city which is desolate, since it has been captured. All kinds of wild beasts have trampled upon it, for thoughts which are not good are evil wild beasts. And your city will be filled with robbers, and you will not be able to acquire peace, but only all kinds of savage wild beasts. The Wicked One, who is a tyrant, is lord over these. While directing this, he (the Wicked One) is beneath the great mire. The whole city, which is your soul, will perish.

Remove yourself from these things, O wretched soul! Bring your guide and your teacher. The mind is the guide, but reason is the teacher. They will bring you out of destruction and dangers.

Listen, my son, to my advice! Do not show your back to enemies and flee, but rather, pursue them as a strong one. Be not an animal, with men pursuing you; but rather, be a man, with you pursuing the evil wild beasts, lest somehow they become victorious over you and trample upon you as on a dead man, and you perish due to their wickedness.

Oh wretched man, what will you do if you fall into their hands? Protect yourself, lest you be delivered into the hands of your enemies. Entrust yourself to this pair of friends, reason and mind, and no one will be victorious over you. May God dwell in your camp, may his Spirit protect your gates, and may the mind of Divinity protect the walls. Let holy reason become a torch in your mind, burning the wood which is the whole of sin.



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